Problem 9: Pythagorean Triplet

19 10 2009

Find the only Pythagorean triplet which sums to get 1000

A Pythagorean triplet consists of 3 numbers say x, y and z such that x < y < z and x^2 + y^2 = z^2.

The task is to find a triplet which satisfies the equation x + y + z = 1000

(defn sqr [x]
    (* x x))

(defn triplets [n]
    (loop [x 1 y 2 z (- n 3) acc '()]
  	    (>= x z) acc
	    (>= y z) (recur (inc x) (+ 2 x) (- n (+ 3 x x)) acc)
	    :else (recur x (inc y) (dec z) (cons (list x y z) acc)))))

triplets generates all possible triplets (x, y, z) where x + y + z = 1000 and x < y < z

After this all that needs to be done is

(apply * (first (filter #(let [[a b c] %]
				(= (+ (sqr a) (sqr b)) (sqr c)))
			    (triplets 1000)))

The let construct in this case has new syntax

(let [[a b c] '(1 2 3)]

This is known as destructuring, this syntax binds a, b and c to 1, 2 and 3 respectively.




One response

6 12 2013
Tad Clayton

These two genetic combinations and hexagrams seem to be connected together under the influence of the Circuit Attractor / Consciousness, shown in the hypercube as North and South: and . Thus for consciousness you have to start from an understanding of the whole, the Wheel, and then turn to a single problem. In effect the mind has to be made holistic, balanced, put into equilibrium. This is accomplished for instance by PrimaSounds with its tuning to 12 hertz, or by a good night’s sleep with its full sequence of REM dreams. The Circuit Attractor with its conscious memories is then integrated into Being, leaving you free to act anew.

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