Emacs, Clojure and Project Euler

17 09 2009

*Phew* semi comfortable with emacs, I managed to set up clojure and emacs with slime on my Ubuntu box following this excellent tutorial http://lifeofaprogrammergeek.blogspot.com/2009/03/learning-clojure-and-emacs.html

On learning clojure, since there’s no “Dive into Clojure” , I’m working through the Project Euler problems. Solving one, then looking at the solution to see what I could have done better. This way it’s both challenging and fun.

Clojure is interesting so far, the syntax is Lispy although I’m not sure yet as to when I should be using a vector or a list. Hopefully will be able to shed more light on this and other things as I move forward.




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