Turn Based vs Active Time

26 08 2009

For a tactical battle system, especially a tile-based battle system, game-play can be either turn based or active time.

In turn based people take chances to perform actions while in active time, separate time bars are available for each player and so the flow of the game seems faster.

Choosing one of them seems awfully simple, active time being smoother/faster than turn based is the best choice. However, this doesn’t take into consideration complexity of the action performed. In an ATB there is a limited amount of time in which to select a move, this is why complex actions such as motion/chains of attacks are not part of the system.

A turn based system on the other hand can incorporate a much more sophisticated maneuver system. So the choice goes to how complex you feel your players actions will be.

With TRPGA (A stub name, Tactical Role Playing Game Action) the maneuver system with chains is far more complex than simple move+attack. This is why we’ve decided to go with a Turn Based approach to the game.

Time each turn takes to complete has not been decide yet but this definitely solves a whole host of other problems, no: 1 being interface complexity




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