The Battle System 2

23 08 2009

The earlier battle system didn’t hold up to a pen and paper version, there were fundamental flaws which we hope we’ve overcome here.

There is a simple progress bar, no charge bar, on which all player icons move.  For an idea of what this would look like, check out the bottom right of this picture (ignore the charge bar portion).

In the time taken for a player to move from start to end, he can construct, delete and modify a set of maneuvers stored in the form of a list.

On reaching the end, everyone else stops on the time bar. He would have a short time in which to make a selection. After this, the maneuver will be executed, the player returns to the beginning.

Sometime during this (probably once he returns to the start of the time bar), the player is granted addition TACTICAL POINTS (TP). These points are spent o performing maneuvers.

Maneuvers consist of a set of moves. Each move has a different TP cost associated with it and falls into a 1, 2 or 3 block category. The maximum block size of a maneuver is 5.

Each move of a certain size has a multiplier. Therefore adding 5 blocks of TP cost 1 and 2 will result in a cost of

1×1(1) + 2×1(1) + 1×2(1)+2×2(1)+3×1(1) = 13

where axb(c)

a->Multiplier, b->TP cost, c->Block Size

Different jobs have different associated skills, broadly classes fall into 3 categories.

Tank (Knight/Paladin/Priest style class)

Damage Dealer (Wizard/Assasin style class)

Hinderers (Thief/Rogue/Archer style class)

Job classes will have a percentage distribution over these.

Hinderers: gain several 1 block skills, few 2 block skills and rarely a 3 block.

Damage Dealers: gain several 3 block skills, few 2 block and rarely a 1 block.

Tanks: gain mostly 2 block skills with few 1 and 3 block skills.

The skill distribution is to allow players of specific classes to play their characters in a role specific way. Hinderers should be darting around doing little damage, Damage Dealers should wait and charge large attacks to unleash on their enemies and Tanks should have a good  mix of the 2 styles.

Skill selection could be a minigame in itself. Assuming a player can change his job at any time, he could get a large number of different skills from the different types.

One way of making him select only a few is to have a grid (like tetris), which he could fill with different blocks. Since the blocks are of different sizes, this would be a nice touch. Some of the skills (like counter and preemptive) could be passive blocks.




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