The Battle System

21 08 2009

The battle system will be a mashup of many different ideas plus some of our own. The battle screen layout will be similar to the layout found in tactical games like FFTA and Hoshigami, however, you’ll only be able to control a single character, i.e. your avatar.

A turn based battle system is horrible for an MMORPG especially if every one of those characters is a player. This brings us to the Time bar, each character has a time bar consisting of 2 parts, a wait and a charge. During the wait time, a character can select a manouver to perform. Manouvers can consist of moving and/or an action.

Before the charge bar, the player can reselect gis move any number of times and at the end he gets an option to confirm. Once this is done the player enters the charge bar.

The time taken on the charge bar is decided by the manouver selected. In general, the stronger the move the more time take to charge. All characters time bars move together, both during wait and charge. After a player finishes the charge bar, the game pauses (for all players) and the move is exected. The player then begins again, at the start of the wait bar.

One of the other game mechanics is the cancel. If a player is attacked during the charge phase, the move is cancelled and the player moves back to before the charge bar. The Canceller also receives a tactical point which can be spent on performing instant attacks later.

I’ll implement a basic, wireframe version of the battle system soon to test if it works.




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