The Factions

19 08 2009

An MMORPG should have races, conflict a sense of belonging. In a futuristic setting we’ve come up with 3 different type of sub genres in cyberpunk fiction.

These sub genres will make up the factions of the game. Of course none of the names are final, the names here reflect the type of character they portray.

1) The borgs: This faction believes in utilizing technology to upgrade their own bodies into high tech weapons. For the uninitiated, here’s a picture of Briareos from the anime appleseed.

2) Mechas: This faction uses large mecha suits and heavy weaponary in combat. Large, intimidating and powerful are words that should come to mind. Here’s a picture I found which captures the theme perfectly.

3) Biopunks: Great difficulty with this one, we had to somehow design a balanced class who would still capture the essence of genetic engineering. Although not final, one idea is to have genetically superior humans using basic weapons and combat tools who use speed, strength and agility to take down heavier opponents. I found a great picture from Tabula Rasa which is something similar to what I’m seeing for the biopunks.




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