A New Venture

17 08 2009

This blog is mainly to keep track of  any ideas I have, a permanent record of sorts, sounds like a good idea.

For this first post i’ll jot down some of the things I’ve recently worked on.

First of all discovered functional programming.  Started with SICP, brilliant book,  just done with chapter one. I should be putting it aside for a while to finish off college work but its so hard to stop.

Worked with Adobe Flex in the past but now  into pure Actionscript projects.  Recently went for a Flex Users Group meeting with Serge Jespers. Very cool, demos of Flash Catalyst and Flex 4 Gumbo. The group did however have a cultish feel to it so I was a little creeped out.

And most recently game development, especially in flash. Very interested in making my own MMORPG and working steadily towards it. Of course quite far behind right now but dedication has worked for me before.

That about wraps up a first post, looks good on that new theme as well, very green.




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